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    42 products
    Having the right wine, champagne, sparkling wine or beverage presentation during a cocktail or dinner party gives your entertaining a sophisticated air, indoor or outdoor.
    Everything from the perfect ice bucket for your Scotch to a bottle stopper to preserve wines, you can add a special touch. Use different types of wine and champagne chillers from the single bottle wine holder or the multi bottle wine chiller to ensure that white wine, sparkling wines and champagnes stay cold and fresh throughout the meal or party. Simply add ice to keep wine, sparkling wine or champagne cold for an entire evening. A single bottle wine caddy is ideal for serving red or white wine.
    Our wine chillers and buckets are made of an aluminum alloy with different finishes including silver, gold, bronze and colored enamel. This material is renowned for its properties of keeping cold things colder for a longer period making it especially ideal for white wines, sparkling wines and champagne.
    Those looking for an ideal gift for a wine lover or for a wedding gift consider our single bottle wine holders to proudly showcase a favorite wine or vintage even when unopened. These can be monogrammed. The multi bottle wine racks are great for the home bar, a beautiful way to display just a few bottles and have them handy for guests.
    Serve your fresh, artisan cheese with our high quality cheese boards and accessories. Whether you need an artistic shape for your art lover friend​ or cheese connoisseur or a casual round, rectangular or square one for an informal gathering, we have many options for you.
    Many of our cheese boards are available as a set with a cutter to provide you ease for slicing and serving. You can also compliment your boards with our cheese accessories such as knives and spreaders. Some of our cheese boards look great hanging from a kitchen rod relieving valuable space from kitchen drawers. Vibrant enamel colors and designs with silver, gold, bronze finishes will create captivating and unforgettable displays for your formal and informal moments.
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