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    We all love the whimsy and warmth of animal shapes. The MODERN FAUNA COLLECTION celebrates the most identifiable characteristics of each animal and exaggerates them. This sculptural collection has the signature rounded and decidedly modernist aesthetic for which Lunares is so well known. 

    "I've always liked art that did not take itself too seriously. I wanted to create sculptures for the home which where sophisticated and dramatic, but without pretention." - Nima Oberoi

    10 products

    There is a whimsy and warmth to the shapes of animals. The MODERN FAUNA COLLECTION celebrates the unique and most identifiable characteristics of each animal and exaggerates them. The collection also incorporates the signature rounded and decidedly modernist aesthetic for which the brand, NIMA OBEROI LUNARES, is so well known. These pieces are about the sculptural quality of the subject. There is just a touch of silliness without compromising sophistication.

    If you're looking to add a little personality and oomph to your home decor, consider accents such as sophisticated and glamorous decorative objects to add a whole new spin on things. Go fun and funky with some animal inspired decor, such as giant ant sculptures or long necked swans. Evoke an exotic feel with far-flung objects like bronze elephant sculptures or uber long neck giraffes. No matter your existing home style, you'll be sure to find the perfect something in our exclusive collection of decorative objects at NIMA OBEROI LUNARES to create a unique and eclectic setting in your home. . Read on to see what catches your eye and inspires.

    Original designs from NIMA OBEROI LUNARES, the Gold and silver flying pigs with wings as money banks make perfect baby gifts for a newborn or young children.  A reminder that pigs do fly; they are a whimsical additions to any nursery or a young child's room, firing their imagination. Pigs are associated with wealth and the piggybank is a worldwide symbol of money. Feeding our piggybank with coins is an undisputable sign that we are caring for our financial future. Piggybanks are thought to protect and attract money.

    The collection includes jack rabbit sculptures with exaggerated ears, sophisticated and sculptural for an elegant art filled home or the elegant gold swan with its elongated neck. The body of the swan may be used to hold jewelry or guest soaps on an elegant bathroom counter.

    Place the bunny vase holding fresh flowers on its back, on a pile of books on your coffee table for a whimsical yet sophisticated display.

    Another addition to the MODERN FAUNA collection is the giraffe sculpture with its elongated neck simply as a decorative accent on your book shelf or use it as storage to slip your collection of bangles and bracelets over its neck.

    The giant gold and silver ants are sure to be a conversation piece in any décor, modern or traditional.

    Sustainable and original design, all NIMA OBEROI LUNARES pieces are sand-cast and handmade by skilled artisans, polished to a high silver shine, gold plated and enameled with beautiful colors making each piece truly one of a kind. Made from recycled aluminum and 100% recyclable.

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