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    The POD COLLECTION is beautifully organic, simple, yet voluptuous. Claylike and sensual in form, it has a tactile quality. Anything served in these dishes is transformed.

    "When I designed this collection I could not have foreseen the reception it received. People tell me they can bring out the pieces every day and for special occasions.
    I think its success is because it has that hard to find aesthetic that seems to always work whatever the occasion." - Nima Oberoi

    18 products

    The Pod collection by NIMA OBEROI LUNARES is beautifully organic, simple yet voluptuous. Claylike and sensual in form, it has a tactile quality. Anything served in these dishes is transformed. You can bring out the pieces everyday and for special occasions. Its success lies in its hard to find aesthetic that seems to always work, whatever the occasion.

    With our serveware pieces, prepare to throw the most glamorous parties of your life when you have all the serveware pieces you would ever need. Serveware collections make it as easy as can be to host a formal dinner party, large family get together, weekend brunch or other celebrations.  Your tabletop looks gorgeous and your other serving surfaces stay harmonious when your boards, bowls, platters, chip trays, cake stands and more all coordinate or complement each other. Match them exactly if you like or take a chance on an eclectic aesthetic by shopping from the wide variety of serveware collections available to you at NIMA OBEROI-LUNARES right now.

    While hospitality may be at the forefront of your choices, owning select pieces from upscale serveware collections makes it a breeze to get attractive tableaus and spreads ready for you,. Having two to three salad bowls of varying sizes, platters to serve roasted and braised vegetables and meats, cheese boards to display and serve gourmet cheeses and tapas, footed pedestals to serve crudites, pastry, cake and other delights, sectioned serveware to serve olives, nuts, serving sets, domed bowls and modern gold tajine for serving hot or cold foods make dramatic high and low displays to create a layered and eclectic look. The crown shape bowls with the splash cake stand bring whimsy to the ultra glamorous look. The crown and pod bowls in polished silver and colored enamels are our all time favorite go to bowls for their versatility and perfect size to serve anything from soup, cereal, salsa, dips, dessert and ice cream.

    THE POD COLLECTION is chic, sophisticated and glamorous with its goldplating and hand applied graphite color enamel that looks like porcelain but will not break or scratch. Beautiful enough to be used as a décor accent on your sideboard or bureau filled with fruits, when not being used to serve at the table

    Sustainable and original design, each NIMA OBEROI LUNARES piece is sandcast and handmade by skilled artisans, polished to a high silver shine, gold plated and enameled with beautiful colors to please you. Made from recycled aluminum and 100% recyclable.

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