Serving Trays & Platters

58 products

    58 products
    Serve up great style and delicious food on our array of unique serve ware, available at Nima Oberoi - Lunares. Serving plates and platters ​are​ an essential part of every kitchen, dining room or restaurant as well as any wedding gift registry.
    From serving appetizers, pizzas, main entrees to side dishes, Nima Oberoi - Lunares plates and platters make distinctive and stylish table settings for formal parties, special gatherings or for every day needs.Serving platters are specially sized in round, rectangular, square, oval and even divided to hold large portions or numerous dishes. Made of an aluminum alloy that is food safe for hot and cold foods, ​in a variety of finishes,​ they are offered in silver, gold, bronze and with porcelain looking colored enamels ​that are durable and sure to ​w​ow your guests.
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