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    Branching forms are found everywhere in nature, inspiring this collection of antlers, trees, twigs and corals. The BRANCHES COLLECTION captures the essence of rustic modern style. 

    "After all these years living in California I am still enchanted by the stunning native Manzanita tree. Strong enough to survive months without water, it never looses its sculptural beauty. There's a lesson in there!" - Nima Oberoi

    21 products

    The BRANCHES COLLECTION celebrates the many incarnations of branching forms in nature. Antlers, trees, coral and twigs…all of them capture a spirit of delicacy mixed with strength and timelessness. Inspired by the native California Manzanita tree and its dramatic and glamorous bark and sculptural beauty, the NIMA OBEROI LUNARES collection of original designer serveware and décor will bring upscale and luxury style to your home. Comprised of several motifs including Stag horn and Manzanita the collection overall propels the essence of rustic modern style

    Graceful and textured details of tree branches and stag horns made of luxurious gold and silver finishes enhance the special and unique designs that will bring joy for years to come.. From the oversize Stag bust with its oversize tree branch like antlers to golden branches uplifting a vessel -grand and awe inspiring - to  champagne buckets with antler handles and accent tables with removable tray tops- these special pieces are destined to be cherished family heirlooms.

    Serving Bowls- Add luxury and style to your formal table setting and dinner parties with the Branches pedestal bowls . Serve ware plays an important part of every meal, and it’s important to take the time to buy the right pieces for your kitchen and dining room. Impart style to your table with serving bowls from NIMA OBEROI-LUNARES. These bowls aren't just stylish but functional as well, making your home more sophisticated. Large bowls are important because they let you serve food at the table, instead of requiring guests to go to the kitchen. Bowls are great for serving pasta, soup and salad.. The raised stands elevate the food so not everything is flat at the buffet table at your next event and large gathering. Mix and Match with other popular sizes of bowls to serve a variety of snacks, nuts or sauces. They can also be used to serve side dishes like mashed potatoes, rice pilaf and steamed vegetables. Being made of a food safe proprietary metal, they have an added advantage of keeping your hot food hotter and cold food colder for a longer period of time. You can also use large bowls for serving dessert or use a serving bowl to display fruit and also makes a great centerpiece. Salad bowls are a great gift idea.  Browse through our collection of long handled serving sets and ladles to add to your collection of large serving bowls and platters

    Platters and serving dishes - Enhance your table setting by adding matching platters, long platters and chips and dip serve ware. Our oversize platters are wonderful for serving roasted meats, whole fish, whole turkey rice pilaf for your next celebratory holiday feast. the big feasts when there are an array of delicious foods to choose from. A silver bowl with antler handles is wonderful to serve nuts or olives at a bar. Silver serve ware is also engravable making for a perfect wedding gift and for bridal registry.

    Cake stands and tiered stands- Display baked goods with a cake stand .When you display your baked goods on a NIMA OBEROI LUNARES cake stand, they become more than a sweet treat. They transform into a work of art, adding intrigue to your food display. These cake holders serve as an ideal spot to serve your sweet treats. Plus, they double as a decorative way to display your food, making them ideal for entertaining. So, add this functional and versatile serving platter to your collection. You'll find a wide array of uses for these stands from NIMA OBEROI -LUNARES.


    Whether you're celebrating a birthday or any day, your family will be thrilled to enjoy a homemade cake. NIMA OBEROI -LUNARES cake holders serve as a space to display your cake for everyone to enjoy. Different sizes of pedestals and plates add some height so that your pie and cake is truly on display Gleaming silver and gold plated finish completes its versatile function and decorative look, truly making it a work of art.  Plus, thanks to their timeless design, these stands coordinate well with other table accessories.


    Tiered cake stands from NIMA OBEROI LUNARES let your delicious desserts stand out. They are ideal for entertaining, allowing you to showcase your favorite treats, from cookies and candy to cupcakes, high tea sandwiches, macaroons, brownies and so much more. These tiered styles offer ample storage and display space. Plus, they come in several different sizes and finishes.

    NAPKIN RINGS.  Create a coordinated look by matching your serve ware and table accessories to your table linens. Tucking your napkins into napkin rings imparts a sophisticated look. Our lodge napkin ring in polished silver and gold finish with its coral like branches is like jewelry for the table. The silver version makes a nautical table with a coastal theme come alive..

    CHAMPAGNE BUCKET- Keep the drinks flowing with serveware that’s designed just for presenting and serving beverages. The stag horn handles champagne bucket is ideal for serving your favorite bottle favorite sparkling wine, big cabernet, sauvignon blanc or champagne with a selection of our wine and champagne buckets and coolers. Whether your style is modern and minimal or you like decadent "more is more", we have you covered. Browse our barware for daily use, dinner parties, cocktails and more

    ACCENT TABLE Sometimes, all that is needed to give a home a lift is an accent or two to add personality and texture to the space. Transform your living room with tables that highlight the high-end sophistication of your home. Accent tables are wonderful to have near a sofa or favorite chair to pull up to set your martini and ipad or iphone on. Like jewelry for the room our gold and green enamel tables will transform your living room or conservatory, highlighting the sophistication of your home.

    JEWELRY HOLDER- Sculptural branching details, sand cast and highly polished to a gleaming silver finish or goldplated are perfect to display your favorite necklaces, bracelets and rings or be a standalone sculpture on the mantel.

    Sustainable and original design, each NIMA OBEROI LUNARES piece is sand-cast and handmade by skilled artisans, polished to a high silver shine, gold plated and enameled with beautiful colors making each piece truly one of a kind. . Made from recycled aluminum and 100% recyclable.

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