Serving Bowls & Snack Bowls

117 products

    117 products
    From ice cream, cereal, nuts to soup, salad, fruit or pasta, every kitchen has a good collection of bowls. Nima Oberoi - Lunares tabletop collection excels in offering a large selection of bowls for every occasion from breakfast to an elegant dinner party. 
    They are offered in a variety of sizes from a mini bowl to serve olives, an all purpose one to serve everything from fruit, soup, nuts or salad and a giant one to fill with ice to serve oysters and chilled seafood for a grand formal party.
    Available in different finishes our original designs of round, square, oval, rectangular, long metal bowls with gold, silver, bronze and vibrant colored porcelain looking enamels are perfect for all occasions.
    They are food safe for hot and cold foods whether holding fresh picked fruit from the farmers market or serving heirloom tomatoes, hand chopped salads or your favorite rice and braised meats. They will surely impress your guests.
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