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    How to Decorate with Vases 

    Decorating with vases is one of the easiest ways to add effortless style to your home. With vases, you can show off fresh floral arrangements, display gorgeous faux botanicals or simply let the piece shine all on its own. Learn how to choose vases as well as how you can incorporate them into your home decor.

    Choosing a Vase: Styles and Colors

    Before you can start decorating with vases, you'll want to choose a style that best suits your space. If your home has a contemporary rustic feel to it, you can opt for handcrafted vases in dark bronze. For spaces with more glam design, try vases in shiny metals, such as silver or gold. The color of a vase can also bring a specific feel to the room. Add a warm-colored vase to your living room, kitchen or bedroom for a sunny feel, silver vases for a contemporary look and gold vases for a decadent and glamorous display. 

    Incorporate Vases into Your Decorating Style

    For a dramatic look, fill a large vase with fresh flowers, tall branches or faux grasses and let it stand all on its own. You can also add single-stem flowers to make a minimalist statement or full, flourishing bouquets for fresh, organic appeal. To create a more layered look, try arranging bud vases along with other small and medium-sized styles. Place the vases wherever you have a spare surface that could use a decorative boost—they add personality to side tables, dining tables,  accent tables, console tables and bookshelves. If you have a modern and minimal home, fill a NIMA OBEROI LUNARES bowl with moss and succulents to create a sculptural and long lasting display.

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