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    A bird in flight, the nurturing warmth of a nest, the spiritual comfort of the angel wing. The FEATHERS COLLECTION has a wonderful array of symbolism. 

    "Feathers and wings are magical ideas. They remind me that the world is full of possibilities and the sky's the limit!" - Nima Oberoi

    43 products

    A bird in flight, the nurturing warmth of a nest, the spiritual comfort of the angel wing, The FEATHERS COLLECTION has a wonderful array of symbolism. Original design by NIMA OBEROI LUNARES, inspired by doves, it captures the beauty of feathers and wings and is a reminder that the world is full of possibilities and the sky's the limit.

    Decadent and tactile details of a nest like texture or a feather and luxurious gold and silver finishes enhance the special and unique designs that will bring joy for years to come.. From the delicately balanced butterfly on a bowl, to majestic feathers uplifting a vessel -pure, simple, noble- to elegant menorahs for the high holidays- these special pieces are destined to be cherished family heirlooms.

    Add whimsy to your table setting and dinner parties with feather handled serving bowls .Serve ware plays an important part of every meal, and it’s important to take the time to buy the right pieces for your kitchen and dining room. Impart style to your table with serving bowls from NIMA OBEROI-LUNARES. These bowls aren't just stylish but functional as well, making your home more sophisticated.

    Large bowls are important because they let you serve food at the table, instead of requiring guests to go to the kitchen. Bowls are great for serving pasta, soup and salad. They can also be used to serve side dishes like mashed potatoes, rice pilaf and steamed vegetables. Being made of a food safe proprietary metal, they have an added advantage of keeping your hot food hotter and cold food colder for a longer period of time. You can also use large bowls for serving dessert or use a serving bowl to display fruit and also makes a great centerpiece. Salad bowls are a great gift idea.  Browse through our collection of long handled serving sets and ladles to add to your collection.

    Enhance your table setting by adding matching dinnerware sets and charger plates to your table decor. Simply slip under your functional dishes as an ornamental base for a beautiful backdrop, that gives that little bit of extra to your table setting. Our chargers, with their enameled centers, are also designed to be more than décor and can be used as oversize dinner plates to serve a hearty meal such as steak, potatoes and vegetables or the big feasts when there are an array of delicious foods to choose from. Added accessories such as divided compartment dishes, long handled feather trays for serving chocolates or to simply enhance your coffee table décor by placing on a pile of books are must haves. A napkin holder box with a butterfly as the weight keeps your cocktail napkins secure and elegant so they don't fly around. A silver bowl with two doves perched on it makes for the perfect wedding gift and is engravable too. Egg shaped salt and pepper cellars in a nest shaped bowl add charm and whimsy and make wonderful gifts as well

    Unique designs of the angel wing platter, angel wings sculpture, candleholders, incense holders and the dove menorahs make memorable and unique gifts for special holidays and occasions. Crafted from gold plated or silver metal, they will never break or crack. The enameled graphite and gold mannequin bust sculpture, studded with butterflies will make any fashionista's heart aflutter. Perfect perched on console tables, dressers, fireplace mantels and coffee tables.

    Coasters.- If you're always needing another coaster, consider our vast array of styles ranging from nest to cobalt blue ,coral and white enameled on goldplated and silver. You'll never run out of a place to set your drink upon again and they make great men's gifts too.

    Desk set- the nest textured gold plated desk set with its chic letter opener, tray, box and pencil holder  sparks joy as it keeps your desk organized and uncluttered while working  from home.

    On-stand objects. For something with a bit more height, the angel wing sculpture or the oversize heart with wings on a stand, make dramatic displays worthy of the most discerning and glamorous interior design.

    Sustainable design, each NIMA OBEROI LUNARES  piece is sand-cast and handmade by skilled artisans, then polished to a high silver shine, gold plated and enameled to truly make each piece unique and special. Made from recycled aluminum and 100% recyclable.

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