From Tradition to Modern Luxury: The Legacy of Our Craftsmanship

by nima Oberoi

San Francisco based, NIMA OBEROI-LUNARES studio creates a broad range of objects at the highest level of design. each piece hand-crafted in the company's own aluminum foundry, using ancient artisanal techniques. At the helm of it all and the source of every design to emerge from the house, Nima Oberoi presents collections that reflect her rich cultural past and adventurous spirit. Her use of clean lines intensified by surprising additions of whimsical details is an example of her philosophy: embrace life, like design with passion and whim. Breathing spirit and warmth into modernism, Nima stands as a truly individual voice and presents innovative and deeply meaningful collections known for their Glamour and Soul 

Lunares Home’s foundation lies in the timeless art of metalwork, merging ancient techniques with modern innovation. The journey began when I was a young girl, wide-eyed and arriving in America with ideas about modern artistry through the combination of sustainability and luxury.

I grew up in Chandigarh, India, where my home city and its architecture was inspired by the European modernist Le Corbusier. From this modern, architectural environment, I envisioned a future where traditional Indian craftsmanship met contemporary design. I found my initial inspiration by witnessing the resilience of village artisans using ancient sand-casting techniques. With this metal art, I aspired to preserve and elevate this process.

In the 90s, we pioneered a unique approach by integrating Western sustainability practices, like cradle-to-cradle product management, with Indian traditions. We repurpose retired aluminum pressure cookers, a staple in Indian kitchens, into exquisite decor pieces. These pressure cookers are made of aluminum. Aluminum, like a good friend, never cracks under pressure, is beautiful, inside and out, and doesn't tarnish or leave a footprint when its time and purpose is complete.

Our collections redefine luxury with their sustainable, 100% recycled, food-safe, and unbreakable qualities. Mastering the challenging sand-casting process, we polish each piece to perfection, applying our signature and pioneering techniques of a porcelain-like enamel in stunning finishes of graphite, chocolate, and gold.

Our pieces are multi functional -from a dramatic decorative sculpture to a practical, feast-worthy centerpiece. 

Glamour is, after all, hollow without soul.

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